According to the information which reached the Oromo Human Rights and Relief Organization this week six Oromo legal refugees who escaped from Ethiopia to save their lives are arrested by the Indonesian government and are threatened to be deported. The Oromo civilians who faced psychological and physical tortures in Ethiopia being suspected of supporting the Oromo Liberation (OLF) managed to escape from Ethiopia, arrived in Jakarta the capital city of Indonesia and applied for asylum. The UNHCR received their application and gave them identification numbers as legal refugees. However, the Indonesian government took their documents and imprisoned them in Jakarta.

The names and photos the Oromo Refugees arrested in Indonesia are shown below:

  • Gemechu Anbessa Wedesa  
  • Gemechis Gerbaba Guracho
  • Ayele Alemu Kenea 
  • Girmaa Anbessa Wedesa
  • Ms  Shitaye Melaku Kitila 
  • Mrs. Abinet Hailu Gebresilasie    

Any person whose life is threatened in his or her own country of birth has the right to escape and seek asylum in any legalized countries such as Indonesia. Thus we apply to all concerned Indonesian government authorities, the UNHCR and other international communities to give a safe home for the Oromo refugees according to the international refugee law.

The Oromo Human Rights and Relief Organisation known as “Oromo Menschenrechts und Hilfsorganisation “OMRHO e.V. in German language  is a non-political and non religious charity Organisation established and  registered in the city of Hannover Germany in 2006. The Objective of OMRHO is to advocate for the right of humanity with special focus on the ethnic Oromo people in Ethiopia. The Oromo people are the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia, who have been suppressed by successive Ethiopian governments during the last 150 years.


The OMRHO e.V. Executive Board