Recently the Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) reported new kidnappings and disappearances of university students in Ethiopia. In its urgent action and appeal letter the HRLHA lists 19 students who were kidnapped by the Ethiopian Security force at different places and time on their way to their home in June 2011.

This year the HRLHA repatedly reported that hundreds of Oromo Students have been abducted, kidnapped, detained, and many of them tortured and killed in 2011 because of unfounded allegation on suspicion of links with the OLF.


For further information in reference to the newer kidnappings see the detailed pdf-document of the HRLHA.


HRLHA and OMRHO e.V. call up on the Ethiopian Government to immediately halt racial and discriminatory human rights abuses against Oromos young generation and disclose where they are detained and also urges unconditionally release of these students!