To the UNHCR Head Office in Geneva:

The Oromo Human Rights and Relief Organization known as “Oromo Menschenrechts und Hilfsorganisation” with its acronym OMRHO e.V. has received a sad information about the shooting at Oromo refugees in Sana’a the capital city of Yemen.

According to the information reached OMRHO e.V, the Yemen government security forces began shooting at Oromo refugees on 03 July 2011 at about 04:30 pm and three men are severely wounded from bullet and hundred others were poisoned with gases due to exploding bombs used by the government security forces. The Oromo children, women elderly people whose number is about 100 are in hospitals for treatment.

OMRHO e.V. has repeatedly reported that the Yemen government mistreated the Oromo refugees including mass arrest and deporting to Ethiopia, beating and mishandling them violating the international refugee laws. The action of shooting on 3rd of July 2011 is a crime purposely conducted by the Yemen government security forces against helpless refugees.

Therefore we apply to the UNHCR, and all international governmental and nongovernmental organization to do all their best in giving humanitarian assistance and saving the lives of these refugees.

The board of OMRHO e.V.