The Ethiopian government security forces have began another round of harassment and arrest of Oromo University students and teachers. According to the source of information reached the Oromo Human rights and Relief Organization the Ethiopian security forces have broken into the dormitory of Addis Abeba University in the night of April 13, 2011, terrorized the sleeping Oromo students and imprisoned some of them. 

Among the students and teachers arrested and whose names reached us are:

1. Mirreessaa Hayele Yesus (M) school of Pharmacy 3th year Student
2. Damee Qlambe (M) school of Pharmacy 2nd year Student
3. Taddasaa Takkaleny (M) School of Journalism 3rd year Student
4. Abdisaa Baqalaa (M) School of History 4th year student (taken on 15.04.2011)
5. Geetuu Saaqaataa (M) school of law 5th year (taken from Oromia Justice office in Addis Abeba)
6. Nagaa (M) whose second name not mentioned political science 4th year student (taken on 15.04.2011 aound 9:00 a.m.) 

We are also informed that the following Oromo students taken from different universities are being tortured at Maikelawi detention centre. This place is known as a place of torture since the communist regime of Ethiopia. Those who are being tortured in Maikelawi Prison are: .
7. Tufaa Baacaa (M) taken from Jimmaa University
8. Sanbataa Damee (M) taken from Haromayaa University
9. Daandii Baqalaa (M) taken from Haromayaa University
The Ethiopian security forces also are hunting not only Oromo students but also teachers from different institutions are also arrested. The names of the Oromo teachers recently imprisoned are
10. Alemayyo Garumaa (M) Lecturer at Gotera Campus in Addis Abeba
11. Fayyisaa Alemineh (M) lecturer at Gotera Campus in Addis Abeba
12. Dachaasaa Magarsaa (M) lecturer at Gotera campus in Addis Abeba.

According to our informants the Ethiopian government is being worried of revolution in North Africa that may happen in Ethiopia also. Because of this fear they began to harass and terrorize young students and teachers who belong to the Oromo ethnic group.
The Oromo people are the largest majority nation in Ethiopia and are not able to elect their leaders during the last so called three round democratic elections in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian People’s Democratic Front (EPRDF) being led by the Tigre Liberation Front have systematically eliminated the Oromo political organizations such as Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), the organization that conducts arm struggle since it was forced to leave the transitional government in 1992. The recent established Oromo political parties such as Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement (OFDM) Oromo People’s Congress Organization (OPCO ) who used to be legal opposition parties in the country are being persecuted, their members are imprisoned.
The photos of some of the arrested students reached us are:
 Mirreessaa HayeleYesus   

 Dandii Baqalaa                 

Damee Qlambee
The Oromo Human Right and Relief organization in German language, known as Oromo “Menschenrechts und Hilfsorganisation” with its acronym OMRHO e.V. is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit charity organization registered in Germany in 2006 with the aim advocating for the rights of humanity.
OMRHO e.V would like to express its deepest worry and concern for the safety of these arrested Oromo students and teachers. It pleads all international and national human rights organizations, governments and non government human rights activists to use all their capacities in stopping continuous human rights violations that targets ethnic Oromo of Ethiopia. We also request the Ethiopian government the release of these Oromo students and teachers so that they continue their education. .  
OMRHO e.V. Board of Directors