The Oromo Human Rights and Relief Organization was informed that two Oromo legal political prisoners - named 1. Mesfin Abeba Abdisa (M) 2. Tesfahun Camedaa Gurmessaa - were kidnapped from Kallitti Prison in the night of the 4th of April 2011. According to the information reached OMRHO e.V. these two men were tied their eyes and hands and kidnapped by the Ethiopian security forces and their whereabouts is not known. 

These two Oromo prisoners were legal refugees who used to live in Kenya and kidnapped by Kenyan security forces and handed over to the Ethiopian government on 12th of May 2007. The Ethiopian government kept them in a hidden prison and tortured them more than a year and were transferred to Kallitti Prison located south of Addis Abeba and were brought to the court.
The Ethiopian court system which is not free from politic sentenced Mr. Mesfin Abebe to death punishment and Mr. Tesfahun Camada to life imprisonment on 31 March 2010. OMRHO e.V. has recorded in its report of June 2010 about this severe punishment. Now we are very much concerned about their life and request all concerned national and international organizations to save the life of these Oromo political prisoners.

Masfin Abebe Abdisa

Tasfahun Camada Gurmessa