To the UNHCR Head Office in Geneva and other concerned International Organizations  

Appeal letter to protect the Oromo refugees in Djibouti 
Dear Sir/Madam,
Last week OMRHO was informed that the Djibouti government in cooperation with the Ethiopian security forces in Djibouti imprisoned Oromo Refugees on 22 of December 2010 early morning at about 1 a.m. The names of the imprisoned refugees are...

1.     Mr. Jundi Bakar Ahmed, UNHCR number 654-00000234 (head of a family of 7 persons). His family live in a refugee camp known as Ali Addee in Djibouti.
2.     Mr: Muhammad Aliyyii Muhammad has a letter from UNHCR but no number (head a family of 6 persons).
3.     Ahmad Muhammad sa'id
4.     Umar Ibrahim Yusuf
5.     Alii Ahmad Muhammad
6.     Anwar Jamaal

According to the information reached OMRHO e.V. the UNHCR Staff in Djibouti named Mr. Bila Balack said that the UNHCR is not in a position to protect them. We were also informed that the Ethiopian security personnel are among the interrogators of the refugees. 
OMRHO e.V. and other human rights organizations are aware of similar cases harassments against the Oromo refugees in the Horn of Africa region and the case some refugees who were deported from Kenya to Ethiopia, sentenced to death and lifelong imprisonment.
Therefore, we are very much concerned that the fate of the above mentioned refugees could be similar and apply to the UNHCR in Geneva to interfere and protect these refugees according to the international refugee Law.

The Oromo Human Rights and Relief Organisation known as “Oromo Menschenrechts und Hilfsorganisation “OMRHO e.V. in German language  is a non-political and non religious charity Organisation established and  registered in the city of Hannover Germany in 2006. The Objective of OMRHO is to advocate for the right of humanity with special focus on the ethnic Oromo people in Ethiopia. We have written many documents, appeal letters, urgent actions and regular human rights violations reports that was done against the Oromo people in Ethiopia and against the Oromo Refugees in the Horn of Africa Region.
OMRHO e.V. Board of directors