Appeal letter to protect the Oromo refugees in Brussels



Dear the commissariat


The Oromo Human Rights and Relief Organisation known as “Oromo Menschenrechts und Hilfsorganisation “OMRHO e.V. in German language  is a non-political and non religious charity Organisation established and  registered in the city of Hannover Germany in 2006. The Objective of OMRHO is to advocate for the right of humanity with special focus on the ethnic Oromo people in Ethiopia. The Oromo people are the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia, who have been suppressed by successive Ethiopian governments during the last 150 years.




In the last 20 years, this vast majority ethnic group could not elect the party that represents it, due to lack of democracy in Ethiopia. The last so called democratic elections were not for the Oromo people. Many Oromo opposition party groups could not get chance of being elected due to the systematic suppressions of the Ethiopian security agents. For instance elected parliament member of the Oromo Congress, Mr. Adane was killed in Oromia region right after the may 2005 election. Dr. Getachew Jigi of the Oromo Federalist Movement (OFDM) had to escape due to the political harassment. Mr Bekele Jirata general secretary of the OFDM was imprisoned, later released on bail, had to escape to save his life.

Due to such political harassments the Oromo youth and other civil groups are forced to leave the country to seek political asylums all over the world. The Oromo Human Rights and Relief Organisation has recorded numerous human rights violations that targeted the ethnic Oromos since 2005.




This week we got information that a group of three Oromo youth seeking for asylum in Brussles got imprisoned on the 1st July 2010. These Oromo youth imprisoned are:






1.      Ayal Kenate Birru




2.      Tigist Kenate




3.      Aynalem Kefle Hailu.




The Oromo Human Rights and Relief Organisation is very much concerned about these asylum seekers and apply to you:






1.      Not to deport them to Ethiopia




2.      To give them necessary protection that they deserve according to international refugee law









Rev. Benti Ujulu




Chairman of the Oromo Human Rights and Relief Organisation