Urgent Action
No.: 003/02/2010
Oromo Refugees Kidnapped in Somaliland

Once again the Ethiopian government kidnapped Oromo refugees from the neighbouring country Somaliland. The kidnapped are all together six Oromos, all of whom are with a UNHCR recognition status as refugees.

According to a reliable report OMRHO e. V. received, the first four Oromos were kidnapped on the 28th of May in Hargeessa at the locality known as Sha’abka and other two Oromo refugees escaped the kidnapping. As those runaways witnessed, the kidnappers were said to be Amharic speaking soldiers in Ethiopian uniform with some local Somali armed forces. One of the runaways was apprehended few days later on the 1st of June, 2010 while he was walking in the street.  Their name is as follows:

1.    Mr. Fahimi Kalif Adam – UNHCR Identity No.: 158-2008 - a father of three children.
2.    Mr. Mohammed-Saani Mohammed – a head of a family with a UNHCR Identity No.: 114-2008
3.    Mr. Abdii Yuusuf Adam – UNHCR No.: 505-2008 - a father of two children.
4.    Mr. Raaju (also called Jelyan) Jibriil – with a UNHCR Identity No.: 165-2008 - a father of one child.
5.    Mr. Abdurahman Ibrahim
6.    Mrs. Boontu Sharaf is a long time refugee in Somaliland at a town known as Wacaalee, on the border between Somaliland and Ethiopia. She was similarly kidnapped by the Ethiopian security force as part of the present kidnapping campaign but as late as 5th June. Mrs. Sharaf was a business person well known and sympathised by Wacaalee community. Consequently, her kidnapping has provoked some protest from her surrounding community. Despite this fact, she was taken away by armed forces that arrived with two vehicles. The soldiers promised that nothing will happen to her except she will only be deported back to Jijjiga town in Ethiopia.  But no body could find her whereabouts in Jijjiga afterwards.

The same uncertainty remains true, as far as, the whereabouts of the remaining 5 kidnapped Oromos is concerned. Their circumstance  is extremely precarious and therefore alarming.

Oromo Human Right and Relief Organization calls upon all international human right organizations and establishments such as UNHCR and Red Cross to do everything possible in rescuing the lives of these suffering Oromos. It demands the United Nations and all democratic governments to condemn Ethiopia’s repetitive trans-national human rights violations against refugees and to find a lasting solution for Ethiopia’s breach of the International human rights convention it is supposed to be a signatory.

The executive Board of OMRHO e.V.