To Mr. Mario Guido Friggieri, Malta Government Commissioner for Refugees

His Excellency Commissioner,

the Oromo Human Right and Relief Organization with its acronym OMRHO e.V. was informed that the Oromo refugees who suffered during the last Libyan revolution escaped to save their lives and arrived in Malta on 28th  and 9th of March 2011. The government of Malta immediately detained the following Oromo refugees in different prisons in Malta:

1. Becky Kuma Faji (F), police number 11c220
2. Kidist Lemessa Kuma (F), police number 11c275
3. Jamila Usman Nur (F), police number11c278
4. Lidya Biya Shifa (F), police number 11f924
5. Tadelech Abate Chumbale (F), police number 11c279
6. Roman Mohammed Abuselam (F), police number 11c 272
7. Birtukan Abdella Ahmed (F), police number 11c 282
8. Semira Mohammed Ahmed (F),  police number 11a308 sick
9. Tsehay Olana Dhaba (F), police number 11c264 released
10. Workinesh Gonfa (F) pregnant, police number 11c268 released
11. Kadija Duda (F) sick, police number 11a 289
12. Samira Abdu Ahmed (F) (epileptic), police number 11c 090
13. Bisirat Gemechu Abdechisa (M), police number 11c 107
14. Misbah Nur Mohammed (M), police number 11c 138
15. Mohammed Nur Ahmed (M), police number 11c 173
16. Daniel Lidete Qanqure (M) disabled police 11e064 released
17.Merkeb Hailu Deyana (M), police number 11c186

According to the information we received from reliable sources, the Oromo refugees are suffering in Malta prisons for the last nine months. We got the information about the release of Mrs Tsehay Olana Dhaba, Mrs Worqinesh Gonfa (pregnant) and some men, whose names did not yet reach us. Appreciating the release of some of the refugees, OMRHO e.V. is concerned for the rest who are still in Malta prison. The sad news reached our organization is that the prison where Mrs Becky Kuma Faji is detained was burnt on the 1st of October 2011 at about 8:00pm, and Becky was severely wounded by the fire. The following pictures taken after she was treated by a doctor show the wounded body of Becky, who is still suffering in Malta prison without any crime.
The Doctor who treated her recommended her release, but the Malta government rejected and kept her in prison. In addition some of the refugees kept in prison have chronic diseases and others are handicapped. These Oromo refugees are already suffering due to physical and psychological torture both in their home country as well as in Libya. Imprisoning such traumatized refugees who are victims of human rights violations and exposing them to such fire accident is in human action, that the Oromo Human Right and Relief organization condemns.
Malta is a member state of the United Nations and the European Union. Thus it is obliged to respect the universal human rights declarations and the international refugee laws. Therefore, the Oromo Human Right and Relief Organization kindly requests the government of Malta, to release the above mentioned refugees without any condition and give them necessary protection according to the international refugee law. Further we request the UNHCR and other international organizations to resettle all Oromo refugees in Malta in safe third countries.
The Oromo Human Right and Relief Organization known as Oromo ‘Menschenrechts und Hilfsorganisation’ (OMRHO e.V) in German language is a non political and non religious charity organization established and registered in Hannover Germany in 2006. OMRHO e.V. advocates for the rights of humanity with special focus on the forgotten Oromo people who make about 40% of the Ethiopian population, but deprived their political rights after they were colonized by Abyssinian Emperor Menilek the second towards the end of the 19th century.
The board of OMRHO e.V.