About OMRHO e.V.

OMORHO e.V members have committed themselves to advocate for the rights of civilians, children, women and other Ethiopian peoples who are persecuted because of their ethnical backgrounds, genders, beliefs and views. We believe that advocating for protection of human rights, for equality of all individuals and for all ethnic groups, prevention of racial, religious and gender discrimination is doing justice for all.

In a German language our Organization’s official name is “Oromo Menschenrechts und Hilfsorganisation” (OMRHO e.V).  The equivalent name in English is Oromo Human rights and Relief Organisation. OMRHO e.V is a non-political, non-religious,  non-profit charity organization registered in Germany . OMRHO e.V is a young organization established on 9th of December in the city of Hannover Germany. The founding members of our OMRHO e.V are German citizens and Ethiopians who live in Europe. Currently we have about 40 members in different parts of Europe, such as Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.  The Organization is led by democratically elected Board of Members consists of chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer and public relation officer.  The current Board members consist of three Germans and two Ethiopians who were elected for a two year first term. 

We believe justice for all brings a sustainable peace in Ethiopia. We try to encourage all concerned groups in Ethiopia to work for a sustainable peace. 
The Objectives of OMRHO e.V

The political persecution perpetrated on the Oromo and other peoples by the successive Ethiopian ruling class has forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homeland and to migrate into neighboring countries. The denial   of basic human rights and endless war destroyed the peace of the country. The absence of peace in Ethiopia has dramatically increased the magnitude of refugee exodus. 
Thus the formation of this organization was initiated with the following main objectives:
-  To bring the human rights abuses in Ethiopia to the
-  To assist victims of torture with any means this
    organization can provide,
-   To assist rehabilitate refugees volunteering
     willingly to go back home,
-  To materially support refugees languishing in various
    neighboring countries of the Horn of Africa and
    those needy ones in the Ethiopia,
-  To promote and support develop the Oromo culture
    and traditions.

The Oromo Human Rights and Relief Organization fully recognise the universal declaration of the human rights, conventions und covenants as a guiding principle.

The Organization’s Profile

Even though, OMRHO is a young organization, we have accomplished a considerable job in the year 2006. We have written reports of human rights violations and appeal letters. At the beginning of April 2006, we visited Geneva and distributed 19 pages of our first report to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, International Red Cross, the Lutheran World Federation and the World Council of Churches. We believe in net work system, therefore we made effort to make connections with similar human rights organisations, churches, government and non government organizations. We distributed our reports to organisations such as Amnesty, to Evangelical Churches of Germany, to the German development service and to the committee on human right in the parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany.

On 15th of May 2006 we were invited to the European Union Parliament hearing committee that took place in Strasbourg city of France and distributed our report. Through the Lutheran World Federation we presented a report on the rights of children in Ethiopia to the 43 of United Nations Committee for the Rights of a Child (CRC) that evaluated Ethiopia on 12 September 2006. Our Board Chairperson attended these two important international meetings. Our report was taken, seen and discussed in the UN 43 CRC report of 12.09.06.

The Achievement of our Organization

Our Organisation is glad to mention the following four major achievements that is related to our work.
A/ Documentation
The Organisation was able to collect information about human rights violations in Ethiopia and produced four different documents. Registering about the people kidnapped, individuals and Mass killings, torture and arbitrary arrests that happened in very remote areas of Ethiopia where there is no communication is a good achievement.

B/ Advocacy work
OMRHO e.V became voice to the voiceless children and ethnic minority in Ethiopia. After we gave our Report to the UN 43 Committee on the Rights of Child, the CRC report out come was recorded as follows: 

C/ Release of political prisoners
After we distributed our first reports to international Organisations in April 2005, about 100 political prisoners were released in June 2006. OMRHO reported about the Matcha and Tulema Association leaders imprisonment and missing just trial. We are glad to hear that last week the Ethiopian court released about 28 leaders and members of the Matcha and Tulema Association were released after being kept in prison since 2004.

D/ Food support for the Refugees
OMRHO e.V has given food supply equal to 2000 Euro to some refugees in the Horn of Africa and is trying to help some more.