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According to a new report of the Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLA) dozens of Oromos have been arrested amicably by the Ethiopian Government security forces in the past month. These circumstances are a part of the most recent violence against citizens in general and against the Oromo people in particular.

The HRLHA reported the names and identities of the arrested individuals. HRLHA is highly concerned about the safety of the listed victims. For further information you can read the attached pdf-file.


All in all the numer of victims is growing every day in Ethiopia. Therefore the HRLHA calls on the Ethiopian EPRDF-Government to allow the due process of law to take place if those individuals are really suspected of committing any kind of crime. If not it is necessary to release them immediately and unconditionally.

The Oromo Human Right and Relief Organization OMRHO e.V. in Germany supports the statement of the HRLHA and also calls up on the Ethiopian Government to immediately stop racial and discriminatory human rights abuses against Oromos and other people in Ethiopia. Our thoughts are with all suffering victims in Ethiopia.